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The LONI Network offers a comprehensive and fully redundant commodity Internet service to its participants from five different providers across four geographic disperse locations in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport and Jackson, MS.


Service Costs

The combined Internet and Internet2 bandwidth makes up the participant’s subscription. Participants are encouraged to individually sign-on to the MPG level of service in recognition that the overall network community benefits from that level of service in the aggregate, as it provides an ability to guarantee service reliability due to having multiple redundant providers, and allows rates charged to campuses to be minimized. This level of subscription also provides the “headroom” necessary across the network to accommodate extraordinary spikes in usage by campuses or groups of campuses, and allows for growth in demand through the course of the fiscal year. The LONI Network provides a consolidated billing for this service.


For participants selecting the MPG level of service the rates applicable are as follows:


Minimum – 249 Mbps


The first 249 Mbps are charged at $18/Mbps

250 Mbps – 499 Mbps


The next 249 Mbps are charged at $16/Mbps

500 Mbps – 999 Mbps


The next 499 Mbps are charged at $14/Mbps

1000 Mbps +


1 Gbps and over are charged at $12/Mbps


For participants selecting the 95th Percentile level or less the rate will be a set $20/Mbps.